Following the Traces of the Sufi Mystics

In October 2015 I was part of a small European Sufi group, traveling in Iran. First we visited the city of poets and roses, Shiraz. Then we came to the stronghold of the Zoroastrian community, Yazd. Finally we reached the multifaced, Isfahan. It was surprising how vivid the Sufi tradition in Iran still is. The ecstasy was catching, the light inspiring, and the shadow - it stayed not really tangible in the background.

View at Shiraz
Shiraz: Small Mirror Mosque (Imamzadeh Ali ebne Hamze)
Shiraz: Shrine of Ali ebne Hamze
Shah Cheragh Mosque. Shiraz
Nasr ol Molk Mosque. Shiraz
Columned Hall Vakil Mosque. Shiraz
Persepolis: Apadana Relief
Persepolis:Palace of Darius
Persepolis: Faravahar Symbol
Pasargadae: The Paradise of Cyros
Naqsh-e Rostam: Tomb of Artaxerxes
Yazd: The Sacred Eternal Flame
Towers of Silence. Yazd
Entrance to the Fire Temple of Chak Chak
Sunset in Chak Chak
Isfahan: Old Shahrestan Bridge
Isfahan: Meetingpoint Under the Si-o-se-Bridge
Isfahan: Seraphim in the Armenian Vank Cathedral
Isfahan: Female Sufi-tombs at Takht-e Foulad
Isfahan: Jame Mosque