Where there are questions, answers will be given;
Where there are ships, water will flow.
Spend less time seeking water and acquire thirst!
Then water will gush from above and below.


Welcome to my website!


During everyday life we often lose our inner rhythm. In the silence of the retreat process we regain access to our inner being and our inner strength. This helps us to break up our narrow viewpoints and to get a broader view of life. And it helps us to open our heart - to ourselves and to other people.

On my homepage you can read full particulars about the retreat process, and where and when you can do retreats.

My investigation of the processes unfolding during a retreat led me to spiritual dreamwork, which is an excellent means to come into contact with the voice of inner guidance, both during retreats and in everyday life.

The third focus of my work is Zira'at, a spiritual path which connects inner maturation with outer activity and the responsibility for other people and nature.

And last but not least you can find here the English translation (by Jamal Atalla) and the Arabic transscription of some prayers by the Sufi master Shihabuddin Yahya Suhrawardi (1155 - 1191). As far as I know, till now there does not exist any critical edition of his 'Waridat wa taqdisat', which means 'Prayers and Invocations'.