Individual Retreats

Individual retreats are a blessing for the soul, deeply healing and purifying. This is the reason why I do such retreats every year for at least three or four weeks, under the guidance of my teacher Nigel Hamilton.

Since 2012 I am initiated as retreat guide (by Aziza Scott). I offer retreat guidance in Vienna, either by visiting the retreatant's home address, or by offering a small retreat room in my own appartment for those who come from outside, or who want to leave their everyday surrounding during the retreat. In this case I offer also simple retreat meals.



Spiritual Dreamwork

Dreams are valuable companions on the spiritual path. They mirror our present state. And they show us where we need healing, or how we can overcome obstacles and problems on the path.

Dreamwork is especially effective in combination with individual retreats, to get into contact with our own inner guidance. Outside the retreat setting Nigel Hamilton has developed the so called "waking dream process". Here the dreamer reenters the dream in the waking state. While doing this, it is important to anchor the dream experience in the body, in the so called "felt sense".

I received my diploma in "Guidance through Spiritual Dreamwork" in autumn 2013 by Nigel. After this I worked with friends inside and outside of the Inayati Order in an informal setting. Since autumn 2016 I offer individual dreamwork also officially, and like the retreat guidance free of charge. Contact: